Emblème de la Maison Stéphane Plassier

Emblème de la Maison Stéphane Plassier

I. Baby Teeth

Who you were isn’t a loss

it’s a noise in the dark

from the boxes of photos under your bed.

You were always a cagey one,

tying grievances into a hangman’s knot

and stepping off the platform

with a little smile and vacancy

written on the palm of your hand.

A catchphrase that meant you were safe

as long as you were


So last night a crow came to your door

and left you a ring of baby teeth

that smelled like oranges and lye

and you cut your hair

tying unkempt strands in a bow

singing the song you made up

when he told you life was hell.


this will be different.

Oh girl, that one thing was the only thing

that wasn’t a lie.

II. Sky and Water

You are made of glass and volcanic ash.

I am weightless as the snow

caught in a child’s eyelashes.

You are old and your bones

tell you stories about the man

you wanted to be

until the lies are better suited

to your purloined ego

than the truth.

I am beyond your reach

though you tell yourself I dangle

on your string.

I am light years away

speaking in tongues,

learning from Buddhist monks.

I am not made from you.

I travel long because the stars

are my home.

I am an astronaut.

I can’t breathe your shallow waters.

I am a mermaid.