(a poem in celebration of the Lakelights Art and Music Festival 2015)

Burn your ties, bring your love.

Like a child in the clover fields. Follow

the path of welcome signs.

Balance yourself where you are, spread your toes

sink your bones into the earth and witness.


Without reconnaissance. Startled. Sedate.

Seeking kindness in the void.

There are places for laughter



in your throat, pulling from the belly.


as the creation of the universe. Joy

in supplication

let me tell you a story about the oyster

a stranger said

with a smile as wide as summer afternoons

it belongs to you,

(stay with me.)

you are the oyster. Dance this around

in your head like stars. Unabbreviated.

Love rises like sea foam. Splitting. Throw it open

like the shores of Spain, Ireland

and lakes in small towns where corn stalks sway


the artists rise like storms thundering

the sound of dancing feet, bare, drums

pounding sleek, warm with body

heat cool as sipping air between your lips. mandating

rituals new as a child’s first cry old as harvest moons.



Halcyon roots of Mesopotamia

Kaleidoscope sutures loose as limbs


on Whitman, Frida Kahlo and ragtime beats.