My poem went live over at Silver Birch Press today. This poem is inspired by the divine Miss Hill’s music and my journey as a woman overcoming drug addiction and an abusive relationship. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment.

Silver Birch Press

lauryn hill
The Education of Sugar Girl
by Tonia Marie Harris

I dressed myself in vanilla custard, sticky
I could glom on, be the center of him.
Lauryn Hill asked the same question
a bubble above our heads, storming
When it hurts so bad, why’s it feel
So good?

In my arms, a girl, in my belly, a girl
and me, a girl, sticky
with longing. I had to be the nurture they needed.

At that rate, I would give anyone cavities.

I dreamed of their teeth, their mouths,
their tongues. Decayed by a girl who gave
her power away. No.
No. I my bubble gum lips, my slick
contrivance, packed what mattered in a cheap
laundry basket and we stole away in the sun
pin-pricked and melted.

I let it. I let it be the thing a sugar girl needs. A woman
come clean. A woman come the hard way round…

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